Credit Repair After The Short Sale. Here's How To Restore Credit Score

credit repair after a short sale






Credit Repair After The Short Sale.

Here's How To Restore Credit Score


Hi folks. Today I want to talk a little bit about Credit Restoration. As many of you may know TLW and I went through a very difficult time from 2008-2010. We ended up having to do Short Sales on two of our investment properties. This teamed with some other financial difficulties caused my credit score to plunge into the toilet!! I started in the mid 700s in 2008 and ended up with a FICO score of 561.


Ain’t that sweet?


So needless to say I needed to do something about this. I did my research and found Financial Education Services (FES).


I signed up about a month ago for their Credit Repair Plan to start Restoring My Credit Score  Just this week I received my first batch of Credit Dispute Letters to send out to the credit bureaus. I’m looking forward to receiving my results and my new higher credit score.

Credit Bureaus Reporting Agencies Addresses and Phone Numbers

P.O. Box 2002 Allen, TX 75013

P.O. Box 740241 Atlanta, GA 30374

P.O. Box 1000 Chester, PA 19022


I’m very satisfied with the ease of use for this Credit Restoration Program.

Then I decided if this was good enough for me then it would be a good opportunity to help my Short Sellers restore their credit score after their Short Sale. This will help them get back into the position to purchase a home again. And of course a higher score means better rates on just about everything from credit cards to insurance. I owe it to my Short Sellers to offer them this opportinity.

Credit Score Restoration Testimonials

AND.....for the folks that may be struggling financially they now have the opportunity to turn this into their own Credit Repair Business. They can start generating income while going through the Credit Repair Program themselves.

It’s a true WIN/WIN

So do yourself a favor and check it out.

Credit Restoration Services.

Financial Education Services Business Opportunity.


Let me know if you have an interest and I’ll walk you through the process. Any questions?


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***I am NOT an Attorney nor do I play one on TV. Click the button below for my Bio.

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